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Things will start to improve with increased awareness of the existing apology clause, particularly among business and the legal profession.

Ultimately, though the apology clause itself needs to be clarified:

  • to define what it means by an apology
  • to pin down the scope of matters that it relates to
  • so it is clear whether an apology is deemed in legal terms to be an admission, or if it is simply not admissible as an admission of liability
  • to clarify whether an apology would void insurance contracts.

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“Businesses and organisations should be able to apologise so people who have suffered can move on. Call to clarify the ‘apology clause’ in the Compensation Act 2006.”

Tell your MP

You could also show your support by asking your MP to push for the law to be clarified.

You can contact your local MP through this page.  Just put in your postcode and then email them directly.

Some points you might like to make include:

  • You believe it is very important for the apology clause of the 2006 Compensation Act to be clarified
  • If businesses are unable to apologise when they should, it can have a real and harmful impact on victims who will often not be able to move on
  • Swift, heartfelt and meaningful apologies can provide important closure for victims
  • The lack of clarity in the law at the moment creates uncertainty for business in terms of its own liabilities and potential costs
  • The wider benefits, such as a potential reduction in legal claims that are currently creating a “compensation culture” and the potential to reduce insurance costs for business.