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Pinned: BBC Radio 4, “Law in Action” (7 November 2017) campaign launch

Influence, “Sorry? Why we need an Apology Act and how communicators can play their part“, Nick Wright on the need for greater awareness of the Apology Clause (14 November, 2019)

The Article, “The Grenfell inquiry illustrates the need for an Apology Act“, Guy Corbet argues changing the law would be good for people, business and would cost nothing (7 November 2019)

CorpComms Magazine, “Meaningful apologies matter“, Guy Corbet on why the campaign is important for professional communicators (29 August 2018) [full text here]

Debrett’s, “Should it be easier for companies to say sorry?“, interview with Guy Corbet, Sue Stapely and Nick Wright (26 April 2018)

Criminal Law & Justice Weekly, Apology Clause Guy Corbet, Nick Wright and Sue Stapely write explaining the campaign (2 December 2017) [paywall: full text here]

The Times, “Saying sorry can be a good business decision.  A poorly handled first response makes a crisis even worse” (29 November 2017) [paywall: full text here]

PRWeek,‘Sorry’ needn’t be the hardest word for public sector organisations” (15 November 2017)

PR Moment, “Apology Clause campaign” (14 November 2017)

PRWeek, PRs launch ‘Apology Clause’ campaign to tell businesses they can apologise without legal liability worry (13 November 2017)

The Observer, Never underestimate the power of saying sorry, especially if you are a politician (12 November 2017)

Evening Standard, Oh, how we love to say sorry — but a good apology needs to be more than word soup (9 November 2017)

Reaction.Life, Sorry needn’t be the hardest word to say (9 November 2017)

BBC Radio 4, “Law in Action” (7 November 2017)