Apology Clause campaign launches on BBC “Law in Action” show

The Apology Clause campaign launched today in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s “Law in Action” programme.  (Listen below.)

In the interview, the UK’s leading legal journalist, Joshua Rosenberg, interviews Faizah Shaheen, who did not receive an apology when her airline detained her for reading a book about Syria, law professor Prue Vines and communications consultant Guy Corbet.

The programme covers:

  • why a non-apology (to say “sorry for how I felt, not sorry for what they did”) is not good enough
  • the difficulties in trying to protect business reputations when lawyers will not allow them to do the right thing
  • why an apology is so important in helping people who have suffered to get past trauma and rebuild their lives
  • how an apology can make it less likely that businesses will be sued
  • why an apology is not evidence of wrong doing, and should never be enough to find someone liable
  • why businesses wishing to apologise should not put their fear of legal retribution over their moral obligation
  • the need to clarify UK law long term and, meanwhile, to improve awareness and make more use of it

Please support the campaign by letting us know, through the petition, by writing to your MP, encouraging others to speak up or passing the word on to clients, law firms, insurers, the media and your friends.

Twitter: @ApologyClause #ApologyClause

Petition: http://chn.ge/2zmpuxA

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